Must-Have Tools

Main tools I use on a daily basis, which make my life and work all that much easier.

  • Editpad Pro - An absolute MUST text editor. Column/Block selection, customizable syntax highlighting, code folding, regular expression search & replace.
  • LINQpad - Invaluable resource to query databases, test LINQ statements, test code snippets, methods and even entire classes or apps, rather than another throwaway console app. Try it, and take the LINQpad challenge!
  • Windows Live Writer – I’ve tried pretty much all the rest, and this one’s still the best, even for Mac users.
  • Parallels - Just because my hardware is Mac, doesn’t mean that’s where I live all the time. Other than booting natively into Windows with Bootcamp, this option is second to none. If can even host Chromium OS and Mac OS X Server.
  • Coderush with Refactor Pro by DevExpress - Incredibly versatile and useful Visual Studio add-in increases your productivity with code templates, 1-key shortcuts. One of the best killer feature from the multitude of killer features is offers is the inline execution of unit tests, without needing to run the external unit test framework runner, be it XUnit, NUnit, MbUnit or other supported ones. Not to mention, a wealth of useful community plug-ins are available, from both people at DevExpress as well as the community at large.
  • Hajo’s Headphone Enhancer [Mac only]: As I’ve previously mentioned in a review of the product, this will take the audio quality and output levels that are defaulted by your Mac, and take them to the next level - and beyond! You will experience music and movie audio in ways you did not think possible with headphones that don’t cost a fortune!