Quick, Handy-Dandy 1Password (Mac) Shortcut

Here’s a quick little handy shortcut for Agile Web Solutions’ 1Password product on the Mac.

In the past, when I needed to get information about a credit card or a password for an account I have stored in 1Password, I would take the long route of either editing the item, selecting the field, then either read or copy/paste the value, or simply use the “Copy” option found when hovering your mouse over the secret field.

However, I recently accidentally ran into the following trick, should you need to see the information that is masked, when running the full application (not the browser plugins), such as passwords, PIN, CCV, etc, do the following.

1Password - Secret information masked

  1. Select the item you want to see from your Vault, be it login, wallet item, etc.
  2. Note the super-secret information is masked from view with dots, as in the example depicted above.
  3. Press and hold the “Option” key, and the secret information will be revealed, as in the example below.

1Password - Secret information unmasked

That’s it! Very simple, but oh so effective and handy when dealing with a situation where you can’t use 1Password to auto-fill the information, either on a website that doesn’t play nice, or over the phone. Maybe auto-fill over the phone will be a feature in version 4!