Cool New Tool, For Devs and Those Who Aren't

A small company/startup which I have been following, Hello Code, since I signed up for their service, have just put out a new tool. And this one is incredibly awesome for developers, but incredibly useful for everyone else as well.

This tool is, and it’s a bookmarking service - on steroids! First of all, bookmarks, across platforms, and browsers. In the cloud. The most awesome bits so far, for me at least, are having descriptions and tags for an entry, all of which are searchable. The one thing that’s incredibly useful, as a developer, is the importing of GitHub stars!

That’s right, now when you star a repository, a reference to it will be imported to Larder, which you can then tag, comment, etc. It will actually, also tag the repositories appropriately with the language configured on the repository.

All of that, and if you go pro/paid, it’s only 3$ a month, or 24$ a year if you pre-pay. It’s really, simply put, a no brainer. It’s pretty much replacing my Chrome bookmarks (which you can import, as I have), except for the immediately visible/clickable bookmarks bar. At least, until there is either a supported way to replace the Chrome bar with Larder entries. Yes, it really is that incredibly useful.

So really, go check out Larder. Afterwards, go check out It’s like “Big Data” for your life. It can help you find correlations between your mood, meetings, walking distance, weight, weather, sleep, etc.