The Code Jedi 2.0
23 Dec 2010

Quick, Handy-Dandy 1Password (Mac) Shortcut

Here’s a quick little handy shortcut for Agile Web Solutions’ 1Password product on the Mac. In the past, when I needed to get information about a credit card or a password for an account I have stored in 1Password, I would take the long route of either editing the item, selecting the field, then either read or copy/paste the value, or simply use the “Copy” option found when hovering your mouse over the secret field. Read more ⟶
23 Nov 2010

Using Platform Specific Libraries from a Platform Agnostic Project

Scenario: You are writing an application or library which targets the AnyCPU platform, but reference an external library (such as LeadTools) which are platform specific (x86/32 bit, x64/64 bit) This situation is handled in several places, as there is no one unifying solution which applies to all phases of development. Read more ⟶
16 Nov 2010

Using Expressions from Windows Workflow (WF) Designer

Working through the book Beginning WF: Windows Workflow in .NET 4.0 by Mark J. Collins, there came a point where the next step is to add an “Add” activity to the workflow (Chapter 4 for those interested). The method given is to make changes directly to the XAML of the Workflow designer, and it would then appear within the designer when switching out of code mode. Read more ⟶
25 Sep 2010

Multitouch & Natural User Interface: Opportunities for a Bottom-Up Approach

Some time ago, Laurent Salat (@LaurentMT), who works in the R&D department of Tactineo, and member of the NUI group, wrote a paper (French version) about NUI development and suggested best practices specific to NUI development, called the “Bottom-Up Approach”. Thanks to Joshua Blake (@joshblake), who understood the general concepts and wanted to share them with the rest of the NUI development and design community, he called out via Twitter, for the help of someone who was fluent in both English and French to translate Laurent’s paper. Read more ⟶
09 Jul 2010

Using OData from Objective-C - Fixing the odatagen NSRangeException bug

Lately, I’ve been working on getting a small sample project up and running on the iOS platform, and using an OData endpoint for external data access. Fortunately, the OData site is an incredibly useful resource for a vast array of information, from both the publisher and consumer perspective. There is even an office Microsoft OData helper project for Objective-C which lives over on Codeplex. Read more ⟶