The Code Jedi 2.0
27 Apr 2016

Cool New Tool, For Devs and Those Who Aren't

A small company/startup which I have been following, Hello Code, since I signed up for their service, have just put out a new tool. And this one is incredibly awesome for developers, but incredibly useful for everyone else as well. This tool is, and it’s a bookmarking service - on steroids! Read more ⟶
13 Mar 2015

How Not to Transition an Acquired Company's Site

In my current workplace, we use AccuRev as the source/version control system. I’ve recently found out that the company who is/was behind the product, presumably called “AccuRev Inc.” based on the “About” dialog of the product, was acquired by Borland, who was acquired by Micro Focus a while back (specifically 2009 for those so inclined to the details). Read more ⟶
09 Jan 2015

When what you're listening to matters...

About a week or two ago, I saw a discussion on Hacker News about How Surround Sound for Headphones Works. Linked within the article, as well as the source item’s page, was a free tool for OSX called Hajo’s Headphone Enhancer. I downloaded and installed it, without giving it much more thought. Read more ⟶
13 Aug 2012

Using the CodeRush Test Runner with Platform Specific Libraries

An issue appeared today for a co-worker, who was getting failing unit tests on one of our components, when the tests were being run from the CodeRush Test Runner. By the way, have I mentioned my love for CodeRush + Refactor? No? Well I do, to the point where I have a work license as well as a personal, paid for out of my own pocket, license! Read more ⟶
04 Jul 2011

Book Review - The Art of Unit Testing: With Examples in .Net

Title The Art of Unit Testing: With Examples in .Net Author(s) Roy Osherove (blog) Rating 5 / 5 Release Date May 2009 Publisher Manning Publications Book Site Publisher's support site Manning Sandbox Book Support Site http://artofunittesting. Read more ⟶